About Typetura

Typography on the web is our passion. Intrinsic, beautiful typesetting is the web’s future. We came together to create Typetura, a small bootstrapped company, to bring the future of text on the web to life. We want to make the brands you love and the services you offer more beautiful, more accessible, and more enjoyable.

Scott Kellum

Scott started Typetura because he was unsatisfied with the current landscape of web typography. Having begun his career at the tender age of 15 when he started showing his teachers how to use their early Mac OS X machines, Scott got into type as part of his high school design explorations. He went on to work with some of the most well-known type designers in the biz, including Joshua Darden of Darden Studio. With Typetura, he blends his love of web technologies and type together. He hopes you enjoy it.

Gabrielle Kellner

Gabrielle uses her 15 years of experience in product marketing and creative direction to run Typetura’s communications. She is fascinated by the semiotic relationship between text and images, swears by Klinkenborg, and thinks power-clashing is the highest form of fashion. She makes sure that honest and straight forward expression drives how we talk about everything we do.

Ana Monroe

Ana heads up Product at Typetura. That means she brings her design experience working for fashion magazines, mobile apps, and the civil service (it’s true! Just ask) to Typetura’s offerings. She makes sure we design products that are always looking ahead and meeting your needs.